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Staff shortages can occur for a variety of reasons.  The vacancy can be quite costly and can have a direct impact not only on your employees but also on the community.

Effects of Healthcare Professional Shortages:
•    Lead to lost revenue due to treatment delays.
•    Increased patient wait times.
•    Lose of patient (customer base) to other medical practices.
•    Stress on healthcare professionals leading to burnout and additional job vacancies.

Based on the law of averages, it will take you 4-6 months to recruit a permanent healthcare professional.  If the vacancy is not filled, there is a good chance the patient base is also migrating to another practice.  With a full practice taking an additional 4-6 months to establish, your organization is now out a minimum of 8-12 months of full practice volume and revenues.

Locum tenens professionals are here to help with the pressures of staffing whether they are due to a provider shortages, vacation or CME meetings, leaves of absence, or anticipated high patient volume periods.

Advanced Care Providers offers Locum Tenens Staffing

We are the experts in Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner staffing and recruiting and we understand the importance of meeting your financial goals.  We partner with healthcare organizations throughout the Midwest and bring a cost-effective solution to staffing a practice with quality professionals.

Cost-effective solution to staff your vacant positions

Our team at Advanced Care Providers offers a cost-effective solution to your vacancy coverage.  The use of locum tenens will help your organization benefit from significant savings and allow continued patient revenues.   Advanced Care Providers Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners frequently cover vacancies ranging from 2-3 days to as long as a full year.  The use of locum tenens with Advanced Care Providers offers you a great deal of flexibility which helps you manage your coverage needs more effectively.

Our rates are straight forward with no extra or hidden expenses.  Our locum tenens services work on contingency; therefore, we have no up-front fees to request our services.  This allows you to be prepared for the unexpected with a working partnership with Advanced Care Providers.  Once that need arises, one call and we have our team working to correct your situation and get you back on track.

Locum Tenens is becoming a viable service to all health care organizations.  Partnering with us now gives you the flexibility to use our services when you need them.  Staffing shortages are only just beginning.  Partnering with an established and reputable company like Advanced Care Providers will give you the peace of mind that locum tenens help is available.

Specialty staffing to keep you up on cost-saving industry changes

Advanced Care Providers qualifies all of our providers before sending their credentials on for consideration.  We regularly obtain feed-back from both our professionals and the facilities they are providing services.  Our services encompass Primary Care, Urgent Care, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Hospitalist, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Health and other specialties.

We can help you focus your practice, big or small, and directly impact your company’s revenues.  Call us today.

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Healthcare – The one thing that does not change is caring for the community.

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