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The Application

When applying for almost any position, it is a good chance that an application needs to be completed.  That is definitely the case in health care.  Advanced Care Providers has an application that we require to be completed and for several reasons.

  1. It gathers more information than is typically included on the CV.
  2. It allows a cross reference with the information located on the CV.
  3. It often request more details of the highlights that are stated on a CV.
  4. It allows us to help you complete further applications that will be required during the credentialing process at the medical facilities and insurance companies.

When filling in the information on these applications, it can get frustrating giving the same information over and over.  Having the application on file allows us to help get the repetitive information completed for you.  There are usually personal disclosure questions you will need to complete along with signatures but should only take a couple minutes after you receive it.

If more information is ever needed than space is allowed, make a copy of the page or write it out on a separate piece of paper and include it.  If you are filling an application out online, email or attach a word document with the extra information.

When a date is requested, include the month and the year at the minimum.  This is to allow the credentialing agent the ability to verify your work history time line.  Any gap in work history more than 1 month, for what ever reason, must be explained.

To complete the application for Advanced Care Providers you can download the application or you can complete it online.

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