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Best Tips for Creating an Outstanding CV

The first step in working with Advanced Care Providers is submitting your CV or curriculum vitae.  This will enable us to assist you in exploring options with ACP and the medical facilities we are associated with. 

Before we get into the details of what should be included in the CV, some basic layout information we suggest to make your file easy to  modify and compatible with the viewer:

  • Put the entire CV into table form.  Over the life of your career you are sure to have updates required on this document and an additional row in a table is very easy to create without disrupting the overall layout of the CV.
  • If you prefer to not use tables, make sure the layout is very basic.  Using the tab button to space over to the next section in a non-tabled document can cause the entire document to change it’s layout when an update is added.
  • Leave an area for dates.  At the minimum, when including dates of attendance or expiration, etc., always use month and year.

What information should you include on your medical CV?

A template has been created and included on this web site.  You can download the CV Template document here to help create your document.

  • Personal contact information and career objective. When including contact information it is important to include phone, address, and a personal email address.  Avoid information that is not required – religious affiliation, children’s names, marital status, etc.
  • Education. All colleges or universities that you attended should be included with the start and end dates.  Include addresses of the school and any degrees earned.
  • Certifications.  All certifications you hold – ACLS, BLS, ATLS, PALS, etc.  You can include the date of expiration but not necessary because document copies will be required.  If you have taken a class but the certificate has since expired you can mention that with the expiration listed.  If you intend to retake the course mention that with an expected date of completion.  If you do not intend to retake the course, then do not list it in your certifications.
  • Work experience. List work experience in reverse order starting with your most recent.  When logging the dates of the job, be sure to include the month/year for the start and end of the position. If there are any gaps in your work history from the time you graduated that is longer than 1 month, it should be listed.  This is required by facilities before offering credentials and privileges.  Give a brief description of the position held and consider listing the supervising  physician or department leader you worked with.
  • Memberships.  List memberships to professional organizations you belong to currently.  If you hold leadership roles include them there.
  • Community/Volunteer Service. List things you are proud to be a part of.  When you are at your interview and they bring these topics up you will shine because it is something you have a passion for and will be able to talk about.
  • Academic. Teaching experience, articles or books published, preceptor for students, public speaker.  These all imply that you are an expert in your profession.
  • References.  Not recommended to list references on the CV.  Simply state – Available on request.

How long should the CV be?

There is no rule on the length a CV should be but in general most are in the range of 2-3 pages.  As you career progresses it is natural to require more entries.  I personally feel that a single page is not enough to give a picture of your career and the path it has taken.  Keep the document clean so information can be found easily and do not be wordy in any explanations.

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