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As a professional that has spent long hours and hard earned money to get to the level in your career that you are at today, it is very important to maintain a credential file that is both complete and accurate.

The best advice is to keep the documents available in an easy to find location that can be referenced when you are applying for credentials at a medical facility or in the event of audit.  Remember, you are responsible for maintaining the requirements to practice in the capacity that you are applying for or currently practicing in.

This page will help explain what is needed in your credential file and why.

When Do I Get Credentialed?

When you apply with Advanced Care Providers, we ask that you fill out an application and submit a current CV along with 3 references.  This give us an idea of your interests, specialty, availability, etc.  In addition, we gather all the documents pertinent for credentialing to complete your file.

Your credentialing documents are kept on file with ACP in a digital format.  This helps us speed the credentialing process at the medical facilities you choose to provide coverage at. 

What Documents Are Needed for Credentialing?

Though most facilities have a different credentialing process, there are basic documents that will be universally requested.  Having practiced for over 20+ years and reviewing hundreds of practitioner documents, my recommendation is to have a complete credential packet ready at all times and know the status of your documents.  When I talk about the status of your document:

  • Is the document expired or soon to be expired?
  • Does the document match the level required at the facility? (example do you only have BLS when they require ACLS)
  • Have any pertinent updates been made to the document? (address change, name change)

Now that we have some of the basics out of the way, what is needed?  The link below will download a very useful list of what all providers should have readily available in their file.

A few things to remember about credentialing:

Health care is constantly changing and so are the requirements that the government and regulating agencies like Joint Commission are putting on medical facilities.  We cannot change them so please avoid the headaches and comply with them.  Keep up to date with the requirements that are needed.
  • Credentialing is your chance to look good on paper.  Your CV is your core document while the credential documents are there to support it or back up your training and experience.
  • DO NOT lie on the document.  DO NOT omit pertinent information.  Not only is that unethical, but you could be breaking the law by falsifying documents.  Why is breaking the law in this case significant?  Because as a health care professional, you will be providing services that are reimbursed by government agencies – Medicare & Medicaid.

If you have an issue in the past – bring it up first before they bring it up for you.  Explain the best you can, any issues that may surface.  When you do this, it gives you transparency and that is valuable, often avoiding issues being investigated deeper:

  • Explain the issue and the problem it created.
  • Tell what you did to correct the issue.
  • Explain what you will do to prevent the issue from happening again.


You can find more tips and interview / CV skills under those respective sections.

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