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Your professional CV, or curriculum vitae, is the first document that a medical facility reviews before considering any medical provider for staffing or permanent placement.  Your health care resume is the first screening tool used by medical administrators to ensure you are the ideal match for their hospital or clinic.  A professional CV needs to stand out from the competition and represent you in a positive light. 

Our Creating a CV page will provide more information on writing a CV, and how to make a resume stand out for health care jobs.  There is a free CV template that can be downloaded that will help and allow for easy updates. 

The details to include:

When writing a CV, be sure the following information is included which is required for credentialing at most medical facilities.

Contact information:

  • Include your address, email and phone at the minimum.

Brief description of what you are looking for.  1-2 sentences is plenty.


  • List all schools after high school. 
  • If you are just getting out of school include your clinical rotations and give details of what you did (learned) at each.  Example – procedures performed, special cases you managed, units in the hospital your covered, etc.
  • When you list your school, include the address, phone number and fax if available.
  • Indicate the dates you attended the school – both starting and ending or graduated.  When you list date be sure to indicate the month and year at the minimum.  Stating the year only is not sufficient.

Employment / Work History:

  • Start with the most current position and include all jobs to the time period you graduated with your professional degree.  Like all dates you must include the month/year at the minimum for all start and end dates.  If you are currently at a position include the start date and for the end date state present.
  • If there are any gaps in employments or work history of 1 month or more, you must give an explanation.  An example of what the gap explanation would be are; time spent looking for work between jobs, or took “X” months to spend with family on leave between jobs.  These are legitimate excuses.  If the excuse is to attend rehab then put it down – it will show up in the search so be up front about these issues.


  • Include pertinent certificates to your position you are applying for.  I do not recommend putting expiration dates on this form.
  • If you list a certificate on your CV they will most likely ask for a copy of that document.  If it is not current – take it off or state that it is expired if you have plans of renewing it in the near future.

Personal topics – can list as separate categories:

  • Academic – Did you teach, preceptor for students, write an article or a book or a web site, etc.
  • Personal interests – Hobbies and interests are a good way to break the ice and could spark interest in the interviewer.
  • Community Involvement – Are you a volunteer on a fire department, a chamber of commerce member, etc.  This gives the idea that you are team oriented and able to work with others.
  • Professional Organizations – National or State organizations that you belong to help show you are progressive in your profession and take time to keep up on trends and issues.


  • Leave this as “Available upon Request”.
  • If you choose to list your references then be sure they know that they may be contacted in the future.  Make sure the people that you put on your CV are going to give you a great reference. 

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